The Painted Surfer - About Me
The   Painted   Surfer - Original Custom Surf and Landscape Oil Paintings

 The Painted Surfer
 I'm an Artist/ Surfer focusing on Surf, Oceanic, Mountain and landscapes oil paintings. I grew up by and on the beaches of the east coast. First in Maryland then down to Melbourne Beach Florida. Eventually working my way out west to San Diego almost ten years ago. Out here is where I found a true passion for painting and art due to California’s breathtaking coast and the sun setting right on the ocean. I  started drawling different sunsets daily then I started incorporating surfers. Inspired by all my surf adventures,  travels, my family who are all great artist, the greats, and my Fiance. Eventually I switched from oil color pencils to oil paints, which was a whole new ballpark. I have practiced hard in shading, color mixing, and using different mediums like surfboards, skateboards, snowboards and driftwood. Every painting I learn new techniques and skills that I incorporate into the next painting. Always continuing to learn everyday how to capture earths beauties and colors through paint. No matter how much paint I get on myself the salt water always helps me out.
                                               Point Mugu, Malbu Beach. 18/24 Oil