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   A surf artist out of Ocean Beach, San Diego focusing on original surf art oil paintings.

 I 'll paint any photo or scene with a twist. Incorporating your ideas on a medium of your choice and any size, at a  real affordable price.

 I also do a variety of landscapes other then surf art.  Such as Various City's, Mountains,  or favorite Vacation Pictures.

For all custom orders and any questions contact me at

Our partners and friends right here in sunny San Diego, The Animal Pad, Nisan Real Estate and Maureen Martin, thank you for all your support.

 Art Shows
for Fall 14

In November
all my work will be at

  • Also I will be revealing a new piece during the show More info with the date and       time is still TBD.

    Past Shows

    In September at the Dempsey holder surf contest in Imperial Beach.

    I donated this Painting to the contest sponsor Wildlife Costasalvaje

    At Winston's man. 8/12 (be back in December)

    At Winstons on 4/29

    Exhibition Dates:
    MARCH 15 - 29, 2014
    Gallery Hours 10am - 3pm

    November 1st- 6pm -SDSU Heal Silent Auction @ Balboa park in the Hall of Champions

    I featured a painting of Thailand on a surfboard from one side of the country starting at sun rise and ending in dusk

    "Wild Visions of Thailand"
    oil on a 6,4 south coast surfboard